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Hydrogen Embrittlement Resistant Material

As the material for automotive springs used in high pressure hydrogen environments, our hydrogen embrittlement resistant stainless steel spring wire is an exceptional material with superior hydrogen embrittlement resistance as well as spring characteristics equal to those of SUS304.


Hydrogen showed marked effect on all metals

Special Features

1. Superior hydrogen embrittlement resistance
Under an ultra-low strain rate creep tensile test, the loss in contraction was tiny at 2% as compared with an air environment.
2. High strength
Tensile strength is equivalent to SUS304 (matching JIS G4314 WPB standard)
3. Excellent spring characteristics
A hydrogen-charged spring sample stress tested in an air environment only suffered a tiny 3% reduction in its stress limit.

SSRT(Slow Strain Rate Testing) Properties in 70MPa H2 and Argon


Fatigue Properties



  • ・ High pressure hydrogen gas pressure control valves (Main stop valves, pressure reduction valves, check valves)
  • ・ High pressure hydrogen filling nozzles
  • ・ Springs for fuel cell vehicle use
  • ・ Springs for fixed fuel cell system use

Primary Technical Specifications

diameters (mm) Tensile strength (N/mm2)
0.50 - 1.00 1850 - 2100
1.20 - 1.40 1750 - 2000
1.60 - 2.00 1650 - 1900
2.30 - 2.60 1550 - 1800
2.90 - 4.00 1450 - 1700