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High-Strength Copper-Alloy Wire

ELEMETAL® has high strength after heat treatment, and conductivity characteristic equivalent to Copper Beryllium alloys.
Moreover, it is environment-friendly alloy-Beryllium free.


Special Features

● Environment-friendly
It contains free environmental loading materials in case of recycling.
● High strength and high conductivity
It improves strength and conductivity after heat treatment.
● Good solder characteristic
It has good solder wettability as no plating, and also, it has good solder leach resistance.

Tensile strength and conductivity(φ0.10mm)

Tensile strength and conductivity(φ0.10mm)


  • ・ Suspension wire for Optical pickup,
    Camera module
  • ・ Spring parts for Cell phone
  • ・ Electrical contact spring
  • ・ Contact probes for superconductor inspection
    Substitute for Copper Beryllium wires