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High-Strength Copper-Alloy Wire

Excellent combination of chemical composition and drawing/heat treatment technology allowed us to achieve 『High Strength, Heat Resistance, Corrosion Resistance』which stainless steel wire in the past could not attain price-wise.


  • 1. Heat Resistance
    Closing in on Inconel X750
  • 2. Strength
    Close to HERCULEE (NAS301H), surpassing SUS631J1. Precipitation-Hardened.
  • 3. Corrosion Resistance
    Superior to SUS316
  • 新製品の特徴

  • 新製品の特徴

Automotive related Home Appliances, Office Automation Apparatus, IT related Medical, Garment related
Radiator Breaker Eyeglasses
AT SOLENOID Electric Rice Cooker Watch
EGR Valve Copy Machine Pin・Needle
Injector Connector Scissor
Common Rail Various types of switch springs Various types of machines
  • 1. Spring fatigue resistance is prioritized.
  • 2. In mid-high temperature condition, especially when replacing Ni-Based Alloy
    (ex.Inconel X750) for price reduction purposes.
  • 3. When corrosion resistance is prioritized and replacing piano wire・hard steel wire.