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Cold Heading Wires

Nippon Seisen's screw wire boasts superior headability due to its wide variety of steel types and highly adhesive coating. Also, we can respond to our customers' demands with exclusive steel types and high-alloys for high strength, high heat resistance, and nonconductive applications.

Cold Heading Wires

For Standard Screw Applications

Steel Types Austenite type SUS304, SUS304L, SUS304J3, SUS305J1, SUSXM7, SUS316, SUS316L, SUS384
Ferrite type SUS430, NAS430LXM, SUS434
Martensite type SUS410
Wire diameters 0.8mm – 24.00mm
Treatment SS (JIS G4315 WSA), SSP (JIS G4315 WSB)
Finishes NB (standard finish), EB (polished finish), UB (highly polished finish)
Coatings No coating, CB (oxalate coating), RD (resin coating), BL (ultra-smooth resin coating)
Standards JIS G4315

For Heat Resistance Applications

Nippon Seisen has a wide variety of heat resistant screw materials, from stainless steel types and our signature heat resistant steel (SUH660) to high-alloys, thus making it possible to manufacture screws and bolts capable of dealing with all sorts of temperature levels.

Steel Types SUS316N, SUH660, NAS670HT, NAS530, and more

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For High Strength Applications

We offer three types of high strength screw wire: an austenite type, a precipitation hardening type, and a conventional hardening type, enabling customers to select a type depending on their needs.

Austenite Type :
Steel Types DHS30
Characteristics The consistent workability as well as the hardness following screw rolling enables manufacturing of screws with hard ridges.
Precipitation Type :
Steel Types DSP1H
Characteristics Hardness is increased by heat treating after cold working. Corrosion resistance is better than standard Cr type screw materials.
Conventional Hardening Type :
Steel Types NAS600X
Characteristics We have greatly increased the strength and corrosion resistance compared to the previous conventional hardening type screw material, SUS410.

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For Free-Cutting Screw Wire Applications

Nippon Seisen's NAS304FM is a material well-suited to combined machining, putting together good headability and machinability.

Steel Types NAS304FM

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