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High-Alloy / Titanium Wires

Nippon Seisen manufactures high-alloy wires and titanium wires using Daido Steel Company's high quality materials. With our wide variety of steel types, we can suggest the right material for any sort of use.


Heat Resistant Alloys

Suitable for components which will be used in high temperature and oxidized environments.

[ Applications ]
Heat exchangers, engines, jet engines, turbines, nuclear power-related uses
Steel types DSALOY600, DSALOY601, DSALOY625, DSALOY718, DSALOYX-750, DSALOY751, DSALOY800, NAS520, NAS530

 Corrosion Resistant Alloys

Suitable for components used in corrosive environments.

[ Applications ]
Food products, aquatic, nuclear, chemical plants
Steel types NICKEL200, NICKEL201, DSALOY400, DSALOY625, DSALOY825, DSALOYHC-276

Alloys for Electric Heating Applications

Used in various electric heating wires for heating element and resistive elements, and displays superior anti-oxidizing properties.

[ Applications ]
Various electric heating wires for heating elements, resistive elements, magnetic wire mesh, etc.
Steel types NCH1, NCH2, FCH1, FCH2

Alloys for Electronics

We have a full variety of magnetic alloys, sealing alloys, and low thermal expansion alloys for various uses.

[ Applications ]
Magnetic alloys: solenoid bulbs, relays, magnetic shielding, magnetic heads
Sealing alloys: glass sealing, ceramic sealing, Reed switches, terminals
Steel types Magnetic alloys MER1F, MER2F, MENPB, MENPC-1, MENPC-2, MENPD
Sealing alloys DF16CN, DF42NR, DF52N, DF42N, DF27R, DF18R

Titanium Wires


Titanium wires are known for their light weight and high strength, but they also display high corrosion resistance in chlorinated environments. Additionally, due to their high biocompatibility, they are also a suitable material for medical uses. Furthermore, Ni-Ti alloy wires acting as shape memory alloys and superelastic alloys are used in many sectors.

Steel types pure titanium Class 1(TW270), Class 2(TW340)
titanium alloy Class 80(TAW4220), INS Ti-2045
shape memory alloy Ni-Ti, Ni-Ti-Cu, Ni-Ti-Co

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