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Shaft Wires

Nippon Seisen possesses a wide variety of steel types for shaft use, and we can suggest optimal steel types which maintain both hardness and machinability.

Shaft Wires

For Standard Shaft Applications

Steel Types Austenite type SUS303、SUS303CU、NAS303N
Ferrite type SUS430F
Martensite type SUS410、SUS410F2、SUS416、SUS420J1、SUS420J2、SUS420F、SUS420F2、SUS440C
Wire diameters 0.8mm - 8.00mm
Treatment S(W1) 1/8H, 1/4H(W2)
Finishes NB (standard finish), EB (polished finish), UB (highly polished finish)
Standards JIS G4309

For High Corrosion Resistance Applications

Steel Types NAS316F
Characteristics NAS316F is a material which combines corrosion resistance equivalent to 316 with good machinability.

For High Strength Applications

Steel Types DSH400F
Characteristics DSH400F offers the machinability of SUS303 together with strength and toughness comparable to 304.
Steel Types DSR7B
Characteristics DSR7B is a material with corrosion resistance and workability approximating that of SUS420J2, and through conventional hardening it can exhibit the same hardness and abrasion resistance as 440C.

For Highly Nonmagnetic Applications

Steel Types DS205, NASNM15K, NASNM15N
Characteristics All of Nippon Seisen's high hardness nonmagnetic materials possess magnetic permeability much lower than that of SUS316 as well as superior abrasion resistance.

For Ultrafree-Cutting Applications

Steel Types DSR6F
Characteristics DSR6F possesses corrosion resistance equivalent to SUS303 despite being a ferrite type, and is also ideal for high precision machining with its superior workability resulting from machinability 8 times that of SUS303.