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This NASLON filter is a filter medium to which a variety of characteristics can be added by combining our many original fibers. Some of these characteristics are a low pressure loss type, a highly pressure resistant type, and a long life type. This filter has been accepted as indispensable in a variety of cutting edge technologies such as optical film, high performance film, and high performance fiber. It can work for filtration accuracies finer than around 150-200 mesh.
Taking advantage of our position as the top stainless steel wire manufacturer, in 1970 we succeeded in developing NASLON (stainless steel fiber) using an original manufacturing technique. Through working and sintering this fiber we gave it the ability to work as a filter, and thus a NASLON filter with high performance unreachable by existing products was created.

Technical Specifications

Filtration Accuracy 1 – 120 µm
Material Composition SUS316L
Porosity 40 – 80%
Sheet Thickness About 1 mm
Possible Shapes LF, PF, CF, TF, DF
  • Using different fiber combinations, a variety of characteristics can be added.
  • ● For polymer industries
    Highly adhesive polymer filters for fiber/film/plastic/etc., raw material refining, monomer/oligomer filters, fiber forming, film filters
  • ● For chemical industries
    Process filters for chemical plants, filters for oil refining
  • ● For pharmaceutical manufacturing/food product industries
    Pharmaceutical/food product combination and refining operation filters
  • ● For aircraft/maritime/machine industries
    Filters for fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic fluid, and cutting fluids
  • ● For measuring and instrumentation devices
    Sampling filters for analysis, air filters for instrumentation
  • ● Other
    Exhaust gas treatment filters, nuclear energy, pressure resistant/heat resistant gaskets, etc.