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EXCEL POREWith chemically processed long filaments of the type used in NASLON filters, we worked them into powder-like short filaments, creating the original filter medium we used.
This has enabled us to manufacture filter media with lower pressure loss than conventional atomized powder with the same filtration accuracy.
In addition, we are currently developing a super-fine filter combined with NASLON filtration.
With its low pressure loss and high filtration accuracy, it is receiving use in analysis equipment for applications such as chromatography as well as filters for applications such as water treatment.
In addition, by putting coating etc. on the surface, it is used for applications such as gas permeation membranes.
Because EXCEL PORE's material shape has a large aspect ratio, it has more porosity than existing sintered powder filter media, which makes a low pressure loss/long service life filter medium possible.
Furthermore, because the material composition is SUS316L, it has heat resistance, chemical resistance, and mechanical stress resistance which are unachievable by membrane filters.


Filtration Accuracy 0.1 - 6μm
Material Composition SUS316L
Porosity about 40%
Sheet Thickness about 0.3 - 2mm
Possible Shapes CF, TF, DF
Characteristics High filtration accuracy, low pressure loss