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FINE METMade from our stainless steel wire mesh, we can combine our mesh for ensuring filtration accuracy, our strengthening mesh, and our protection mesh to match your usage needs.
With its uniform openings (filtration accuracy) and its low pressure loss, it receives use in a wide range of sectors even besides filtration, including food products/pharmaceuticals, powder plants, film handling lines, and fluid membranes. Since we use an original manufacturing process, small-lot production is possible, and we can manufacture sintered wire mesh to match demands regarding mesh composition, special characteristics, and more. In addition, we can control factors such as filtration accuracy and pressure loss, and add a wide spectrum of characteristics.
* Typically, wire mesh accuracies vary greatly depending on wire diameter and weaving methods. Moreover, it must be remembered that nominal filtration accuracy (openings) and absolute filtration accuracy differ greatly.


Filtration Accuracy 10 - 500μm
Material Composition SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L
Porosity about 25 - 60%
Sheet Thickness Unlimited
Possible Shapes LF, PF, CF, TF, DF
Characteristics High filtration accuracy, low pressure loss, superior restorative cleaning properties